Bret Michaels Eyelashes

So I’ve accomplished growing my lashes long and full. But they’re blonde and by blonde I mean basically transparent. I’m one of the fortunate toe heads of the world which wonderfully means I don’t need to spend a fortune on salon visits but on the flip side I’ve been drawing on my eyebrows since I was like 12. I even had them tattooed at one point – they faded – it was pretty cool for a few years though. (This might explain some of my life long obsession with eyebrows.)  I always longed to be one of those blondes who had gorgeous dark natural brows.

Ahhhh Kate you have such lovely dark eyebrows.

Ahhhh Kate you have such lovely dark eyebrows.

A while back I had the opportunity to go to seven Bret Michaels concerts in a 2 week period. Yep SEVEN – TWO WEEKS, all VIP, all alone (except for one) & totally sober – Praise The Lord!

Bret & Me

Bret & Me

Prior to one of the concerts I went for eyelash extensions. The first place I went to was a chop shop of extensions that made my eyes water for like two days and they were SOOOO painful. I realized something was wrong (duh – haha) so I went to a new place a few states away to get them fixed. The girls there were Amazing! and I went back a few times for the fills, until it became too difficult to get there in a timely manner due to my work schedule of traveling and I got tired of eyelashes falling out, I actually kinda missed my mascara, and I really wanted to head towards a simpler lifestyle rather than one where I’ve got extensions on my eyeballs.

Lovely Lash Extensions - they were pretty!

Lovely Lash Extensions – they were pretty!

When I got the false lashes off my real eyelashes were ruined! Not because of anything other than a few months of having extensions.  I look like a different person w/o makeup so I knew that going sans mascara for however long it took eyelashes to grow wasn’t gonna cut it.  But I’ve also tried a few of the growth serums in the past that didn’t work a spits worth.  So I knew I was gonna have to get the name brand stuff – but that’s expensive and I’m a bargain shopper.  So I did my research and came up with a site called All Day Chemist.  In a few words – THEY ROCK!  Better customer service than you’ll find in most US call centers AND the price is unbeatable.  Not to mention a bottle that is ‘supposed’ to last a month lasts me like 4 so that’s like a quadruple bonus.

   But now here’s the thing – I can’t find a mascara that’s suited for my long lovely lashes. I get a new favorite that’ll last for one or two tubes worth and then I decide it drys out too fast (possibly made worse by my constant traveling?), or it starts clumping to quickly, or it makes my lashes look scary.

I’ve had several favorites over the past couple years – and I’ve had several that promptly ended up into my ‘I’m just going to put you in this makeup bag and maybe retrieve you later to use again, but really I know you’re going to live here for 11 months till I can throw you away because you went bad and not because I didn’t like you in the first place.’

*First I loved Tarte gifted Amazonian clay smart mascara but it got dry
*Then I loved Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara but it got clumpy
*Next I moved to Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara but it gets kinda thick (however the waterproof is NOT gonna come off ever)
*Recently I’ve been using Makeup Forever Smoky Extravagant Mascara that was free for my Birthday from Sephora, but after this morning I’ve decided it’s scary looking
*I have my ULTA birthday gift Calvin Klein CK One Color Mascara at home yet to try but really am I supposed to think that I’ll be impressed with a guy’s mascara famous for his underwear ads and ubiquitous 90’s cologne?

So here’s where I’m at now – googling and reading reviews of yet another 10 mascaras. I’m sure three of them will be immediately booted because of the skinny, vibrating, flimsy, *whatever* brushes. But when I find my next favorite I’ll be sure to share what it is!

Has anyone ever used a brown sharpie? Sometimes I wonder if that’d work. . .


As always here are my loved links:

All Day Chemist –  (I’m not a Dr. – don’t take my advice as professional – and order from India [or anywhere] at your own risk.)

All above mentioned mascaras can be purchased directly from the links above or at Sephora and / or ULTA.  Both of these stores offer fantastic frequent shopper clubs that are not only *FREE* but you also get goodies during your birthday month!  All the mascaras I mentioned are also GREAT products that I would still recommend although they’re not currently on my favorites list.