Time Traveling Tingles

Ed and I have recently discovered the morning movie.  Better than a matinee and much better than going with the rest of the world in the evening, morning movies allow for an early breakfast a lovely date and we’re done in time to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.  I mean think about it – there’s nothing going on between 11:00 & 2:00 on a Saturday anyway.  Plus the cost is so unbelievable that it’s almost crazy not to go, and there’s no crowd which lowers the annoyances of common moviegoers so sitting and enjoying a movie is actually possible!  It’s like the 80’s!!!!

We’ve done the early movie two times prior to today.  The first two times it was simple to pick a movie as there was one that we wanted to see.  This time was a little more difficult.  Ed was interested in Unbroken and while it sounded good to me it’s a movie I’d prefer to see in the comfort of our home, in pjs – where I can lie down.  I was interested in Into The Woods but a few days ago I saw that the local children’s theater will be doing the production and I’d rather see it live and support the arts and then see it in the theater.  Then we talked about Black or White but decided that it’ll be on tv in a few years and we’d much rather watch it then.

With all those movies out of the way the standing option was Project Almanac.  We had seen a preview for Project Almanac during one of our previous outings.  It looked like a good teenager movie.  You know good like how the first Final Destination was a good teenager movie.  Take it for what it is and you’re satisfied.  As long as they don’t make 6 additional Project Almanacs I can remain happy with my experience.  I got a little scared when MTV popped up on the screen because I thought I had just settled down for 1 hr 44 min of cursing and nudity that wasn’t relevant but to my joyous surprise it wasn’t.  At all. Who knows maybe I planned it that way.

If you’re unaware – which if you’re one of my readers you probably are – which is awesome – Project Almanac is about teens who time travel by a machine they built.  Before I go any further I have to point out our big gripe about this movie.  It’s one of these movies that’s filmed with a ‘shaky camera’.  I can’t stand those movies.  As best I can tell they are trying to give me perspective – make me feel like I’m there and seeing it as they are.  But my world isn’t shaky (at least not anymore) and when someone hands me a soda or comes towards me I’m not just seeing their arm reaching out I’m seeing them.  It’s all a little unnecessary and a wee bit nauseating and I wish people would quit doing that.

My other small gripe is that the one guy in the movie sees himself in a video of his 7th birthday party.  I’m fairly certain that if I saw myself in a video of years back my first statement would be something like, ‘Well we know I get there . . . ‘ yet they NEVER said that.  They knew he was there and they talked a lot about his clothes and stuff but they carried on almost as if they weren’t sure.  They were saying things like ‘We can only go back three weeks’ not ‘let’s just go ahead and set it for when I was seven’.  It all makes sense I guess anyways because we know that you can’t change the past without changing the future.

Lot’s of people talk about this in regards to Back to the Future.  I’m not going there – I’ve seen the movies but I don’t know them good enough to go on that tangent.  So let’s talk, for a second, about a book called Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman.  This is a fabulous book that not only discusses linear time travel but all kinds of other goodies also.  Your brain can start hurting from thinking on the circles of time we live in and it’s so wonderfully fun that your kids would enjoy it on their own level also.  What better thing to do between 11:00 & 2:00 on Saturday since you’re not at the movie?

So obviously we can’t change the past because the past indefinitely changes the future and the outcome we don’t know nor can we plan for in any way so we’re stuck in what could be a horrid loop of events or we’ve got a ‘good’ outcome but we don’t realize that we’ve got the good outcome because we’re a different person than we started out being and don’t realize anything anyways.

The next step is to think that we can only change time by our decisions that we make RIGHT NOw.  The fact that my ‘w’ was lowercase may have affected in some way a great great great niece that I’ll never even know.  But that’s how I typed it (actually I hit 2 first which looked cool) and so we’ll never know.  My brother Noel says ‘Resolve to live as if you’ve been given the gift of time travel and are getting to live for a second time.  This time do it right!’  That carries a lot of weight.  It’s only our choices right now that are affecting our future – remember by changing our choices in the past we take away the people that we are right now so everything becomes null and void. . . maybe even the world.  OHHHHH!!!!

But we’re still having problems because we are taught to think of time in only a linear fashion.  Today, yesterday, tomorrow.  None of that really means anything.  Let’s say for a minute that the real point of time travel, the real way to change history is to change the future.  What if we really are all moving at such high speeds that subconsciously or whatever we travel to certain moments in the future and set them as we’d like only to go back and live them up to that point which is then enjoyable.

I’ve got two examples –

Back when I drank – I’m guessing it was probably 5 years ago.  I posted on Facebook (I’m not on there anymore) about how it’d be fun to get one of those parachute things like we played with in elementary school and play with it as adults.  I got several people who commented that they thought that would be fun and we should order one and blah blah blah.  Most of those people were the other people who drank – I think I had a few sober friends comment.  None the less I thought yesterday about that randomly and the thought that I had was how I’m embarrassed that I posted things like that – I mean it would be fun but I feel like people who KNOW me kinda must’ve known (a lot) that I posted things because I drank and whatever and that’s sad.  It’s like one of those things that you’re upset about years after the fact that no one else knows.  BUT in the movie today, in a concert scene, there was a glimpse of people playing with one of the parachute things.  Maybe in this time travelling world, I, in a split second, travelled to that point of the movie then because I changed my future I changed the past to where when I got to that point of the movie in ‘this time’ it’d give me a heart tingle.  You know heart tingles are those things that are just meant for you that probably 99.9% of the other humans don’t even knowtice.

I’ve got another one:  As long as I’ve known I’ve loved the stars (in the sky), I also love counting things (we’ve discussed that), and the number 22 (I was born at 10:22, my sister’s birthday is the 22nd).  Paramount can’t start a movie without me counting the stars (you get to 17 right by the ‘T’).  But the other day I was watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s and noticed that there were 24 stars!!!!!!!  I almost had a BIG panic attack and quickly had to Google ‘stars in Paramount Pictures logo by which I found that the Paramount logo originally had 24 stars, one for each of the stars Paramount represented, it was  later changed to 22 stars, although no one knows why.  But here’s the answer – ME.  At whatever point in time I realized that I would be writing this blog – loving 22 – loving stars – always looking forward to counting Paramount stars in a Paramount movie.  But none of that happens with 24 stars so by changing the future (me right now) I changed the past – you’re welcome Paramount & thank-you.

I’m fairly certain most of us can agree that time isn’t as liner as we think it is.  Some people would argue that changing the future is as simple as setting goals and reaching them.  I guess that’s ok, if you’re kinda boring, but I think that we’re granted little heart tingles by God.  Whether we set them into motion or not is something that at this point is satisfying enough to think about until my brain hurts real good from the circles I’ve got to go in before I can’t remember if I’m at point A or H and where point C came into play – or did it drop out?

This may be rambling and a little off base for some of you but there’s a sure fire way to know that changing the future will change the past.  The only way we can be certain and the only way we’re granted to know for certain what our future holds is the acceptance of Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.  When I accepted Christ I immediately and eternally changed my future (Heaven) and immediately and eternally changed my past (forgiveness).  While I don’t have scriptures to post and while I’m guessing I’ll wait till Heaven to know if I traveled to change movie logos or not I urge each of you that while it’s fun to ponder on time travel take the necessary time to ponder and consider the time (or lack thereof) you’ll be spending in eternity.