Martha Stewart Meatballs

Here we go. . .

I called Martha Stewart months ago.  I’ve called a few times – not Martha herself but her Editors Hour on Sirius XM.  (I HIGHLY suggest Sirius XM if you’re in the car for more than 47 minutes a day.)

*In fact if you’re one of those people who resolved to waste money on a monthly subscription to something in an attempt to make you feel better about yourself all while not fulfilling the obligation you’ve made in your head resulting in actually feeling worse about yourself Sirius XM is a great place to put your money.  AND in your 47 minutes each day you can listen to 5.73 minutes of uplifting Jesus music,  4.22 minutes of coffeehouse sounds, 12.8 minutes of Dr. Laura teaching you how to be a grown up, 1.3 minutes of the animal psychic lady,  3.9 minutes of your choice of  feminist working moms who date WAY too much, 7 minutes of sports, 6 minutes of 50’s music, and pull into the driveway with your last 6.05 minutes of 80’s rock.  BAM!!!! You just accomplished way more than you did at the gym.  Next up put on some sneakers and run to each office / bathroom / water cooler / break room throughout the day.*

So the first time I called Martha I called to talk about eyebrows with Ramy from Ramy Cosmetics.  Eyebrows have always been my favorite thing on a face dating back to preschool when my best friend had super lush dark eyebrows that any 4 year old would be jealous of.

Then the last time I called it was to speak about a mutual disgust of pumpkin spice everything, and also give a shout out to Dukes Mayo, plus throw around an idea for pumpkin corn relish.  If it appears in Martha Stewart Living it was most likely my idea.

Then there was the Meatball time.  Daniel Holzman & Michael Chernow from The Meatball Shop were on and someone suggested a game of us listeners counting the times they said ‘balls’.  Anyone who has known me for more than 1 flight of stairs can tell you that I count things – 19.  This was like giving me a big ole counting game!!!!! Whoop-DE-DO!!!

2014-09-25 13.04.56

My winning tally mark page / my other ‘look up’ notes for the day.

The guys were so impressed with my skills at the game that they upped the prize from a The Meatball Shop cookbook to a variety of goodies from the Martha Stewart closet. (I had a pic of The Meatball Shop cookbook – but deleted it.  You can check it out here:


2014-10-06 09.33.08

Martha Stewart goodies included: Martha’s new One Pot cookbook – signed. Two red tennis balls from the Martha Stewart pets line, a wooden spoon, measuring cups and measuring spoons, and an adorable oven mitt. Along with a hand scribed post card / thank you note.

*I drive for my job – I’m in marketing and usually I’m in the car for about 7ish hours a day.  This particular day was a seeming long drive where I tend to get a little bored and at the same time have spotty service because I’m in the middle of not-a-populated-area.  In face I dropped the call after the fact and had to call back to ensure I got my goodies, which I did.*

2014-08-28 14.44.18

Me. Driving.

Since it was such a fun phone call I went back out to my car and taped the replay of Martha that evening to share.  Thus Blu July was born.  (Actually Blu July was born lots of years ago as a personal shopping business before people in my hometown knew they needed a personal shopping business.)  So now for all of you to hear and learn the proper way to count things, which is much attributed to my older brothers, here I am winning the Martha Stewart Meatballs game.

You can order Martha Stewarts One Pot cookbook from Amazon here:

Check out Ramy Cosmetics & all his eyebrow knowledge here:

Get your New Year off to a great start with Sirius here:

*Other than the things mentioned, I haven’t received any gifts or money for my opinions of people and products mentioned in this blog.  However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give me a free month of Sirius or pay my my remaining month at the gym.*