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I must be one of the few females who doesn’t subscribe to any of the snail mail sample programs out there.  Paying a fee for trial sizes of products that I *might* like doesn’t make sense to me.  Ok, wait I forgot some of them offer full size products but still. . . I only have a potential of liking them.  I guess I’m of the mind-set that if I want to try a new product I’ll ask friends or family.  You know, people I trust.  Rather than leaving it up to a company of whom I answered a few choice questions and frankly my answers have probably changed since I answered them.  And I doubt that whatever my answers were are an actual depiction of me and my beauty, clothing, food, cleaning preferences.

Not to mention (and this drove Ed crazy for a while) the PROCESS of researching a new product is as enjoyable to me as the actual having and using the new product itself.  I enjoy thinking about something that I might like to try or realizing that in a month I’ll be in need of mascara.  I then enjoy considering my options, reading reviews (most of which I brush-off as people who don’t know what they’re talking about).  And then comes the best part – I.  WAIT.

If I had to have a motto it might be “Patience is a virtue”.  I love being patient,  especially for things.  I finally got a Kipling overnight bag a couple of years ago, something that I had wanted since 1996.  I understand that something is not going to make me happier, a better person/wife/friend, more complete or satisfied or content.  In that understanding I’m just as satisfied to wait.  A lot of times it’s just a month or two until I run out of a product and need it’s replacement.  But sometimes – as with my Kipling bag – it’s years.  In fact I’m still waiting on a pair of lavender pleather pants that I first saw in Dallas when I was 15.  They were $54 and I choose to buy two less expensive items instead.  A decision made because the mall was about to close and $54 was a ton of money to spend on a single pair of pants.  And a decision that I regret to this day.  However, when I get them I’ll appreciate them all the more.  And I’m purely convinced it’ll be way more fun to have lavender pleather pants as an adult than it would have been as a 15-year-old.  

I love beauty products and pampering items and lovely soaps.  I am, I think, a go-to lady for my friends who want advice on what they should use or try.  At the same time I don’t jump on the bandwagon of new musthaves.  I don’t own 8 palettes of nude eyeshadow – I own 2 – neither of which cost over $15.  A $50 item that is worth the $50 is one thing but spending it because it’s the new summer/spring/fall color is a waste.  Thus far, my Maybelline Blushed Nudes eyeshadow stays on all day w/o creasing, fading, or whatever.  And you know who sees in my makeup bag?  Ed.  And he doesn’t care if I’m using designer eyeshadow.

Actually, that was a lie.  Here’s my beauty bag:
Makeup bag


Well that’s just a portion really, there’s a lot more inside.  One of my favorite segments of magazines has always been the ‘what’s in your makeup bag?’ page.  I rarely read magazines anymore because I find they’re full of products people want to convince me I need and I don’t want to be convinced.  And basically everything I’ve already said.

Sometimes, when searching for a product I’m in need of I get in a bit of a tangle.  Lotion, for instance, I hate lotion.  I don’t use day/night/eye/wrinkle/spot-or any other-cream.  I despise the icky-sticky after effects, I can’t stand something heavy on my skin, the time it takes (37 seconds approximately) is the most dreaded part of my day.  Despite the despise my legs were a bit dry so it became necessary for me to use a lotion.  My first purchase was DayNa Decker moisturizer (I also love the buffer), we found it at Saks Off Fifth on sale and I stocked up.  Waiting are about 5 bottles in our beauty pantry and I also purchased enough to give some to all the ladies in our wedding.  It’s a fantastic light lotion that leaves your skin glowing and comes in a variety of delicious scents.  As much as I love DayNa Decker’s products I still loathed the extra step it added to my routine.  However – it’s awesome & if you want luxury you should buy it.

Occasionally I’ll find something on sale and snatch it up reviews unread, process unplanned, and patience unrestrained.  God blessed us with TWO fantastic products that will, as long as they’re obtainable, be staples in our household.

Medicine Cabinet

On one of our weekend shopping trips, Ed & I found Kiss My Face Moisture Shave  on sale at the Fresh Market in Little Rock.  We had, on the advice of Chuck Woolery, been using – and enjoying – Creamo Shave Cream.  Creamo is good, Moisture Shave is marvelous!  Do you remember ladies how when we were 12 and shaved for the first time your legs were so sensitive to the air they almost felt numb?  And now sometimes with a new fancy razor you’ll get the same sensation, but not every time because we’ve been shaving for 2/3 of our lives and it just doesn’t happen like that anymore.  With Moisture Shave it happens every day, you’re like ‘feel my legs’ (que husband).  And the kicker. . . I don’t use fancy razors.  I use Bic Silky Touch.  Seriously this combo is going to save you money vs. cheap shave cream & hifalutin’ razors.  Come fall your jeans will have never felt so good against your skin.  It’s concentrated too, you need less than a full pump to do one leg.

We live in the country – 15 minutes from a stop light also 15 minutes from a teeny tiny Wal-mart Supercenter.  It has one entry and I’m betting the sign was brown not too long ago.  I think because of it’s size they sometimes get products that are quickly decided will be booted from the inventory due to the consumer demographic.  I usually fit into the demographic that they’re booting – but that’s ok because items get marked down and I get stocked up.  Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion is the best invention EV-ER!  Instead of the dreaded drying off/applying lotion/waiting on it to absorb/feeling sticky (DayNa Decker doesn’t feel sticky & absorbs quickly) routine I can now apply this in the shower rinse off and I’m done!  There’s no absorption time, I can immediately grab my towel and dry off and my skin is so so so soft.  Oh plus the smell is divine, I purchased the almond oil blend for extra dry skin.  Jergen’s anyone?  You know what I’m talking about – yum.    The Nivea lotion goes a little quicker but I’m good with that because it’s the most extravagant product you can buy for less than $7.

What beauty products can you not live without? Do you subscribe to the goodie boxes?  Which ones are your favorite?  Who are your go-to gals (or guys) for beauty recommendations?  YouTube, friends, blogs, magazines, celebrities, hair stylists. . . where do you get your in-the-know from?

Thanks for reading


~ Janelle