I’m Younique



Last week my friend / cousin who sells Younique makeup casually suggested that I join her in being a modern day makeup saleslady.  Although the idea of walking door to door in a pencil skirt and proper gloves while donning a lovely hat thrills my soul the unavoidable after effects of too much tea and too many cookies makes me slightly nauseous.  Thank God we are living in the digital age and Younique is a brand designed to be sold via social media.  My lack of orthodox pencil skirts and gloves are thankful also.


Before I delve any further into Younique let me first tell you of this friend / cousin Becky.  Becky & I met within the first couple days of our attending Oklahoma Christian University.  My designated roommate failed to show up for college (something, had I done, would have saved my parents a good bit of money from my one ill-fated semester five hours from home).  I heard through the grapevine that the beds in our dorms could be bunked, and so I set off to bunk my beds.  I mean in highschool Monica and I had carried the HUGE television set in my parents house from the living room to my bedroom without breaking it or waking anyone up. . . So bunking beds seemed to me a totally plausible thing to do on an afternoon free from classes.

Bunking beds however was not plausible or doable as I quickly learned over the course of the next hour or so.  I tried lifting up one end then the other.  I tried balancing one leg on my standard issue dorm chair while standing on the bed.  I tried length wise and width wise and any wises in-between.  I did not however try to be quiet, or rather it was not a task that allowed for a single 5’5 girl to accomplish with any modesty.

Soon I had a HORRIBLE rapping on my door which I sheepishly answered.  In front of me was a girl of about my height and build that I was certain was about to be the last human I saw.

“Do you have ANY idea how much noise you’re making?” she half yelled

*cowering* “I’m sorry, I was just trying to bunk my beds.”

“You’re trying to WHAT? YOU CAN’T bunk your beds”

*still shaking inside* “I heard the beds could be bunked.”

“Yes, they CAN be bunked but YOU can’t do it.  You have to sign the list and they’ll come around and do it for you.”

*breathing now* “Well that makes sense, I mean it was a pretty fruitless activity thus far.”

*starting to laugh* “Why were you bunking your beds in the first place?”

*joining in the laughter* “My roommate decided not to come to college and I wanted the extra space, and the top bunk.”

The rest is a blur but we were immediate friends who shared vital forces of laughter.


Upon telling my mom about my new found best friend who didn’t kill me at the time of our meeting my mother informed me that I was in fact related to this kindred soul via my grandfather & her great-grandfather.  This was the glue that was needed to solidify our bond.  (I am always learning of cousins I didn’t know I had and once went to prom with a cousin – only to find out afterwards that we were indeed cousins.  While there was not a kiss, that is a different story.)


Becky and I proceeded to have the most adventurous four months of my life including:

The night we called Taco Bell to ask what type of beans were in their pintos & cheese – we were serious to a T wanting to make sure that we did not cheat on our low-carb diet.  And they’re pinto beans, should you be wondering.

The day I made Becky go with me into the city to give plasma (she couldn’t give) and while waiting we decided to play with the ginormous camera looking thing that ‘couldn’t possibly work’

Ginormous camera ACTUALLY worked

Ginormous camera ACTUALLY worked

. . . It worked & shot out our pics at the exact moment the plasma center’s own Nurse Ratched walked in.  By God’s grace she didn’t beat us up and to our amusement it printed a double pic so Becky got to keep the top half and me the bottom.  Becky’s copy later vanished into her car only to be recovered years later upon changing out the stereo system.

The road trip back to Missouri when I had to pee and we were miles from an indoor toilet, so we took a side dirt road only to get Becky’s RAV-4 high-centered upon backing out.  Once we realized our bouncing the car was as blighted as my bunking the beds we grabbed her stash of markers and my pillowcase (the only suitable thing for writing on) and drew a ‘PLEASE HELP US!!!!’ sign that we marched back down to the highway and waved to passerbys as the sun began to set.  Fortunately a kind lady picked us up.  Not so fortunately once in her car she explained to us for 20 minutes how she had a loaded gun.  Fortunately, again by God’s grace, we were not beaten up – or killed.


So the friendship Becky and I shared was bound by blood, full of laughter & one too many ‘we’re gonna get beat up’ events.  But unfortunately years passed and during the great ‘Janelle’s Facebook Slaughter’ following my divorce in 2012 Becky in all her craftiness was one to go. .  .


But once the debris settled I missed my friend / cousin Becky and so I invited her back into my virtual world.  And she accepted.  That brings us to last week, when a bubble pops up on my phone and it’s Becky telling me she thinks I should join Younique.


My knowledge of Younique is having heard of their mascara, but my knowledge of Becky is great & after contemplating for roughly 30 seconds as to the odds of my being beaten up in this venture, and speaking with Ed about his thoughts, I decide that I’ll likely not come into any physical harm and Ed is absolutely for it.  So before midnight that night I joined.  Oh wait I watched some unbiased You Tube videos first.


My presenter kit came in the mail and I am every bit as thrilled with the products as I thought I’d be.  The 3d fiber mascara has been totally reformulated and will be available January 15th.  As a presenter I already have mine and let me tell you it’s 7:36 pm and I’m looking forward to putting on mascara in the morning. . . it’s THAT good.  The eyeshadows are so pigmented that the smallest dab will dress up your shades better than Tiffany and her glass ever dressed up living rooms.  And the lip products leave my pout with a lasting hue and moisture, plus the color options are oh-so-beautiful.


My liquid foundation was delivered today & I have a feeling when I get home tomorrow I’ll promptly be washing my face only to relish in the smooth silky texture of my pores new best friend.  Oh and the detoxifying mask???  Well here ya go:


This mask is AMAZING!  It’s like pop-rocks for your face with it’s effervesce while applying but better than pop-rocks because there will be no harm to Little Mikey.  I understand that we’re adults and while I don’t partake in champagne I can imagine that washing my face with it’s bubbles would feel *almost* as delightful as this mask.

And the after effects?



Mind you I’m in a hotel with less than quality lighting and this does not have a filter of any kind.  My face is smooth, tingly, tight, and I’m fairly certain that I have a glow right now.  This is the kind of product that every woman needs to feel beautiful.  Men definitely need this too because it’s a quick 5 minute pampering session that can be done in the comfort of your home & if your wife notices her products are quickly disappearing then you can simply compliment her glow and order more from my site while she’s not looking.


So there you have it.  I realize that this was WAY more about my friendship with Becky than it was about Younique.  But I feel like if you’re going to understand a person or a thing you have to also understand the history behind them/it.  So when Becky randomly mentioned me joining Younique, all of the wonderful memories of our past came flooding back & based on our history I can see that this venture has a great prospect to create it’s own great history.  If for or by no other thing than rekindling a great friendship from my teens.


And I’m JUST getting started so I don’t have a lot of experience with the products yet, but what little experience I have I LOVE and seriously how long has it been since you had a make up product that made you Excited to get ready in the morning???  I know right – it becomes more of a dreaded 10 minute ritual only made tolerable by coffee & Robin Meede.  No more ladies, no more, welcome to the world of affordable luxury, of feeling like you’re the movie star that your husband sees when he looks at you.


Welcome to the world of Younique!!!